The Kalamazoo chapter of Atheists Alliance of America is helping locals in need.  

The Atheists Alliance Helping the Homeless in Kalamazoo is about helping people, not about people's beliefs according to Keith Gasper,

We do not try to recruit anybody to out beliefs nor will we debate theology at our giveaways. That's not what we're about. We have two purposes. 1) to help those in need and 2) show the community that we are also good people and part of the community. Alot of people have a stigma about atheist/agnostics and the concept that you can't be good without god is false. We lead only by example and do not benefit by convincing others to believe what we believe. We have worked with several christains who were very helpful. We hold giveaways monthly and hand out mainly toiletries, hygene products, clothing, snacks, water, food etc.

In fact, the group was ready to help right after the homeless were kicked out of Bronson Park recently.

If you're interested in volunteering or donating you can get more info on their facebook page by clicking here.  With winter approaching, hats, gloves, boots, blankets, coats and sweatshirts are in huge demand.


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