Avid has only been in travel game since 2018 but their newest property will open in Kalamazoo in 2021. Tiny rooms are what sets this new chain apart.

Life may be all about the journey, but there are different kinds of travelers. Some want to be enveloped in luxury, and love to stay in spacious, opulent hotel suites. Others simply want the essentials: a bed for the night with a place to lay their head. Avid's hotel rooms are the opposite of cavernous, but the mattresses and bedding are plush. Kalamazoo's newest hotel, opening in 2021 on Cork St. near the Sprinkle Rd. roundabout has rooms specifically designed for sound sleep, with a black-out roller shade and sound-reducing headboard and door.

It wouldn't be a room that you would want to stay a week in. If you stayed very long, you would probably get a little claustrophobic, but for one or two nights, it's ideal.

-Sooner Girl Travel

YouTuber Sooner Girl Travel reviewed Avid not long after their first hotel opened in  August of 2018 in Oklahoma City. Take a look at her video below and you can see just how small the rooms are, but well-provisioned with the fundamentals for an overnight stay.


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