The City of Battle Creek is sending out the all-clear this morning. Municipal water supply test results are confirming no contamination in the water supply service covering the City and four adjoining townships.

The problem was caused by a break in a water main near the city’s downtown late Wednesday.  There was never any evidence of contamination. The boil water advisory had to be issued since low pressure in the system may have allowed contaminants to enter the system. The city says some homes, apartments, and businesses connected to the municipal system may experience discolored water for a couple of days. Here are some tips if that happens to you:

  • Before starting a load of laundry, fill your machine with water, and hold a white plate, piece of Styrofoam, or other white items in the water to see if it is clear.
  • Do not run hot water. If you have a water softener, put it on bypass and remove the filter. Remove screens and aerators from all faucets.
  • Turn on cold water. Turn on cold faucets inside and outside, weather permitting. Run water as hard as possible, and flush toilets, until water runs clear.
  • Drain from water heater. After the water runs clear, wait about 30 minutes for sediment to settle in hot water heater, then drain about one gallon from the bottom drain valve into a bucket or other container.
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