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The State recall for medical marijuana in Michigan hasn’t received a lot of media attention. State regulators are continuing to look closely at this case and how testing that was supposed to have happened, either didn’t, or was improperly done. At least one area dispensary, and its customers, are affected. The recall notice first sent out on the 10th of the month identified about three pounds of medical marijuana that failed testing for high levels of a fungicide commonly used for marijuana cultivation. But then last Friday, the recall notice was expanded as state investigators reviewed more records and retested some products first declared to be safe.

A Battle Creek medical marijuana outlet is among those added to the list of those that offered the product now known to be tainted. Remedii Battle Creek is one of a handful of medical dispensaries in Michigan that took delivery of the product. The state points out the problem is not the sales outlets, it’s the company involved in pre-distribution testing. The recall is linked to Iron Laboratories. The company was suspended by the state back in August for violating testing procedures, including approving marijuana for sale after it failed testing. The end of August, the state issued a mass recall for product tested by Iron Labs and subsequently fined the company $100,000.  But the company’s medical marijuana safety compliance license was reinstated.