Recently, I wrote and posted an article listing the cheapest one-bedroom apartments (that I could find) in Battle Creek.

It's expected that anytime we write articles and publish them (on Facebook specifically)  people are going to have some negative comments, as was the case here. A few people commented that the prices were inaccurate which may definitely be true. Someone who lives in Battle Creek is bound to have a bit more insider knowledge than someone who is looking at prices online that may be skewed to attract potential renters.

However, what was surprising was the amount of hate and disdain people seemed to have for the Battle Creek area. Comments on the Facebook post included:

BC? Seriously? - Todd B. 

Lol Battle Creek. There’s nothing there to do - Nate H.

Battle crack .... I'll pass. - Derreck S. 

Battle Crick? Extreme hard pass. I'd rather live in Flint - Dylan J. 


The first thing that came to mind was crime rates. Are they worse than the Kalamazoo area? The answer seems to be no.

According to, Battle Creek ranks 7 on their Crime Index where 100 is the safest. Meaning, Battle Creek is safer than 7% of U.S. cities. Not great but, it's better than Kalamazoo which has a ranking of 1. Yikes.

Perhaps Nate H. is right and "there's nothing there to do." But, a quick Google search seems to disprove that notion too.

1. The Binder Park Zoo 

Binder Park Zoo's mission statement is, "Connect, Inspire, Conserve." The zoo itself is huge with a variety of different animals. They have a North America section, a Wild Africa section, and their newest addition, Zoorassic Park. The downside is the zoo closes for the winter season. Their opening date is May 1st.

2. Have extra cash? How about the Firekeepers Casino? 

Yes, this spot requires you to have some extra money. But, if you do, there are SO many things to do at the Firekeepers Casino. They have multiple restaurants, live music, a hotel, and, of course...plenty of gambling.

3. Fort Custer Recreational Area 

For nature lovers, Fort Custer Recreational Area offers camping, spots for fishing, plenty of trails for hiking, dog sledding, boat rentals...the list goes on and on. The park has 40 miles of trails so, make sure you have a map before you visit. As well, a recreation passport is required for entry to the park. They run from $12 to $17 depending on where and how you purchase them. Read more here.

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4. Fantasy Forest 

Battle Creek's Fantasy Forest is a part of the Leila Arboretum. Admission is free, although a donation is suggested, and includes 25 tree trunks that have been carved into works of art. You can read more on their Facebook page.

5. Full Blast Recreation Center 

Full Blast Recreation Center acts as a multi-purpose facility. They have a full-service fitness center, batting cages, an indoor walking track, a space for a number of different sports, and a water park that operates seasonally. You can read more on their website or Facebook page.

And those were just the first few suggestions on Trip Advisor. Not to mention, there are a number of parks, museums, and even spots for Geocaching (yes, that's still a thing). Plus, visiting the downtown area of Battle Creek gives you access to a number of different restaurants and unique shopping like Bread & Basket. Battle Creek terrible because there's nothing to do? Or, is it all a matter of perspective? Perhaps the latter would be more accurate.

Now, if you've made it to the end of this article you may be asking, "Yeah...but what about wintertime? What's there to do when it's snowing out?" How about a cardboard sled contest? It looks like a blast:

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