Propane heating and an unattended candle are believed to be the cause of a Battle Creek house fire and explosion.

Battle Creek Fire Department crews responded to an occupied house fire shortly after 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 20. Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire coming from the rear of the home located at 409 Kendall Street. The homeowners told fire crews that they had been heating their home with propane and warned that there were multiple propane heating devices throughout the structure. One of the propane tanks caused a small explosion, blowing out multiple windows as well as displacing the front porch prior to firefighters entering the home.

Crews were able to safely extinguish the blaze and remained on scene for two hours removing propane tanks, performing salvage, and searching for hidden fire extensions within the home.

There were no reported injuries. Battle Creek Fire Department officials say the cause of the fire is believed to be an unattended candle unintentionally igniting propane being used for heat.

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