If you prefer living in an older home, Calhoun County has more opportunities to find one than most other counties in Michigan.

Data recently released by House Method shows the median age of homes in every county in the country. They analyzed U.S. census data to gather the statistics.

Below is an interactive map where you can hover over any county and see the average age of homes there.



It turns out the median age of homes across all of Michigan is 49 years old. But Calhoun County is on the higher end, especially compared to surrounding counties, at 59 years old. Most other counties in Southwest Michigan are closer to the state average.

Highest Median Age of Homes in Southwest Michigan:

  • Calhoun County - 59 years old
  • Berrien County - 54 years old
  • Jackson County - 53 years old
  • Branch County - 50 years old
  • St. Joseph County - 50 years old
  • Cass County - 48 years old
  • Kalamazoo County - 47 years old
  • Van Buren County - 46 years old
  • Barry County - 45 years old
  • Allegan County - 41 years old

Highest Median Age of Homes in all of Michigan:

  • Gogebic County - 65 years old
  • Wayne County - 65 years old
  • Houghton County - 64 years old
  • Iron County - 61 years old
  • Keweenaw County - 60 years old
  • Bay County - 59 years old
  • Calhoun County - 59 years old
  • Ontonagon County - 59 years old

House Method's data shows New York with the oldest median home age in the U.S. at 63 years. Rhode Island was at 60, followed closely by Massachusetts (59), Pennsylvania (57), and Connecticut (55). It makes sense that the five states with the oldest median home age are all located in the northeast as they had some of the largest growth in early America.

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