A warrant is being sought by Battle Creek police after a woman and her father were assaulted in what appears to be a racially motivated hate crime.

Battle Creek police responded to the Greyhound Bus station at 119 South McCamley Street on Friday at 9:36 a.m. after a 42-year-old city employee working at the terminal building said a  man came in and began making racial comments to her.

The suspect, a white man, pushed the city employee, a black woman, then walked away. The woman then called her 72-year-old father, also a city employee, who arrived shortly after. The suspect then began making racial slurs towards the father and punched him. The father then punched the suspect once just as the first officer arrived, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Battle Creek police interviewed a witness on the scene who had no connection to anyone involved with the incident and the witness corroborated both victim's statements.

Investigating officers say the suspect opened his coat, produced a bottle of whiskey then proceeded to drink from it in their presence. Police described the suspect as intoxicated and suicidal. He was then taken to Bronson Battle Creek to be evaluated.

Battle Creek police are seeking warrants for both assaults, public intoxication, consuming intoxicants in a public place and for violating the Michigan Executive Order to stay home.

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