A day long prostitution sting in Battle Creek resulted in 12 individuals arrested, six vehicle seizures, and a bicycle seizure.

Battle Creek police conducted a prostitution sting on Thursday, August 20, 2020. The day long operation netted the arrest of 10 men offering money in exchange for sex, 2 women offering sex in exchange for money, six vehicle seizures as well as a bicycle seizure.

The operation began with the use of an undercover male officer to arrest two women attempting to solicit money in exchange for sexual acts along Capital Avenue Southwest south of Dickman Road. Those arrests allowed undercover female officers to begin walking and talking with men who stopped and suggested sex for money, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Police efforts were more focused on solicitors versus the streetwalkers themselves, according to Batte Creek Police Cheif Jim Blocker. Cheif Blocker said the effort was to address a developing issue.

Once the undercover female officers were in place, they were approached by men offering money for sex. After details were discussed and a price was agreed upon, uniformed officers would pull the men over, arrest them, seize their vehicles, secure the area then take the men to jail.

Solicitation charges are a misdemeanor and carry a fine of approximately $100. The real burden for alleged solicitors comes from the $500 price tag to retrieve the vehicles seized during the alleged criminal activity.

Chief Blocker says that Battle Creek police have been contacted by area residents, business owners, and visitors to the city about prostitution concerns. A similar operation was done in March and there are already plans for another later in the year.

Prostitution is known for its connections to human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery. Click here to view a list of warning signs and how to report suspected cases of human trafficking in the State of Michigan.

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