Battle Creek Public School district administrators are ready for a busy evening online tonight with parents and guardians. The district will be hosting a virtual question and answer session on its Facebook page about plans to resume classes this fall. It’s set to begin at 5:30. The administration is proposing to the Board of Education to essentially split the process to begin the school year. Grades K-5 would have in-person instruction. Grades 6-12 would be virtual-only.  Parents or guardians of K-5 students would be allowed to opt for virtual learning if they didn’t want their kids in a classroom setting for any reason.

The district Board is planning to vote on the proposal in another virtual meeting next Monday evening, August 3rd. About 4 thousand people have looked over the district Facebook covering the plan highlights.  A few hundred have commented. Some parents are pleased with the proposed approach to reopening. One offering a single word comment - “Awesome”.  Others say they are not impressed. Another single word reaction in the opposition - “Growl”.

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