Two people are in custody facing charges related to a stolen car which also led to the discovery of drugs earlier this week. Battle Creek Police say officers had responded to an unrelated call at a motel on Beckley Road around 7:45 Monday evening. There, they discovered a stolen vehicle parked near their patrol car. Officers than observed a male and female walking toward a nearby restaurant and began pursuing them on foot.  The male subject ran into the restaurant and was found quickly. The woman was found in a ravine near the building.

The man told police he had borrowed the 2011 Toyota that had been reported stolen, but police were suspicious. Then it was discovered he had hidden the car key inside his underwear, which didn't make sense if the car was actually borrowed. The 33-year-old was arrested accused of receiving and concealing stolen property as well as three unrelated warrants. The 31-year-old woman is charged with receiving and concealing stolen property, possession of meth and prescription pills as well as unrelated warrants.

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