Ever want to climb up the inside of a clock tower? Ever want to look out the roof? Now you can. 

One of the first buildings you see as you exit 194, aka "the penetrater" on to Division in Battle Creek is the First United Methodist Church and it's amazing clock tower.

I stopped by and talked with a few people and made arrangements to go inside the tower. Terry Smith, a board member there, was my guide and I brought out a new camera for the video. First, check out some photos of my visit.

It was very dark most of the way and you needed to be fairly flexible to make some of the hatches. Below is a video that shows my point of view in 360 degrees! you can pause the video at any time and "look" around. you will be able to see to the sides, back and straight up at everything I could see.

Any Buildings you think we should check out? tell us in the comments.

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