Cars were first made here in Michigan and we still know how to drive them; the state ranks 4th in the best drivers in the country survey.

Quotewizard took into account accidents, speeding tickets, fatalities and DUI's and ranked the 50 states; Michigan drivers are 4th best in the nation. Here's what they said:

America's spiritual home of automobiles is also home to some solid drivers. Michigan maintains their spot on our list as America's 4th best drivers. Is it any surprise that the home of The Motor City has good drivers?

Shamefully, the instances of driving under the influence markedly increased in 2017,  as Michigan was the 14th worst state for 2016, and climbed to 7th this year. Give the keys to a friend or call for a ride and we've got a chance at grabbing the #1 spot as best drivers in the nation in 2018.

Just wondering, have these guys traveled I-94 or seen traffic on 131?

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