Opening night of Kalamazoo Ribfest 2017 included the annual Best Ribs in Kalamazoo Competition. Find out who was judged the winner.

The Competitors

This year's field of competitors included:

  • Arcadia Ales
  • Barrett’s Smokehouse
  • Bomba’s BBQ
  • Brann’s Steakhouse & Grille
  • Harris and Harris Catering
  • Kelvin and Company BBQ
  • Lazy Man BBQ
  • Ol’ Moose BBQ
  • Smoked Down BBQ
  • Weller Barbecue

The Judges

The judging panel included local media personalities, chefs from Firekeepers Hotel Casino and the culinary program at KVCC, a representative of one of our national BBQ competitors, business leaders and a judge certified by the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

The Results

  1. Bomba’s BBQ 169.7944
  2. Arcadia Ales 163.4860
  3. Kelvin and Company 155.4516
  4. Ol' Moose BBQ 150.9028
  5. Smoked Down BBQ 128.0460
  6. Harris and Harris Catering 126.8572
  7. Lazy Mann BBQ 121.5652
  8. Brann's Steakhouse 111.4516
  9. Barrett's Smokehouse 106.7084
  10. Weller BBQ 103.9080

People's Choice Award: Harris and Harris Catering.

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