I must admit, I am a bit surprised that Biden chooses to embarrass his fellow Democrat Governor Whitmer by denying her request for more Covid vaccine to address the Covid “surge” in Michigan.  

In response to the surge of positive Covid-19 test results and what we are told is an uptick in hospitalizations Governor Whitmer asked Biden to send the state more vaccine.  The Detroit News reported yesterday that Biden through his CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told Governor Whitmer that he will be sending no help to Michigan.

Director Walensky told Whitmer the answer to Michigan's "acute situation" with the COVID-19 virus is not a surge vaccine as she is requesting but they are recommending Whitmer shut down our state once again and "flatten the curve”.

Remember that lie that the “scientist” told us more than a year ago?  We need to shut down for 15 days in order to “flatten the curve”.

CDC Director Walensky said during a briefing yesterday:

"Really what we need to do in those situations is shut things down...I think if we tried to vaccinate our way out of what is happening in Michigan, we will be disappointed that it took so long for the vaccine to work — to actually have the impact."

That is what Governor Whitmer gets for making sure Biden won the state of Michigan?

Apparently, Governor Whitmer has less pull in Washington than anyone thought or possibly no pull at all.  President Trump helped out Michigan residents quite a bit more than Biden has.

I will note that it is interesting that the states with the most heavy-handed approach to address Covid-19; MI, IL, NY and NJ are grappling with a resurgent of Covid-19 case.

In an interview yesterday on the Fox News show "Your World" former HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Brett Giror said the following:

Compared to Florida, Michigan has 250% more cases. Compare to Texas, they have 700% more cases, and both Florida and Texas are wide open. It’s a complex situation. What they should do -- number one, 100% they should surge vaccines to Michigan. Leadership is about making choices. You have to put out this blaze. Vaccinations are the way to do it. We can vaccinate our way out of this. Sure, it will take two weeks or three weeks ... number two, this is not April of 2020. We have hundreds of millions of tests. I’d send an at-home test to every [Michigan] resident. Allow people to test themselves ... We can do that now. The logistics are easy, send it in the mail. They’re also over-the-counter. These are two ways. Shutdowns, they already have a mask mandate, they already have limitations of work. I don’t think you’ll get more bang for your buck out of more limitations. You’re just going to hurt more people.


  • Compared to Florida Michigan has 250% more new cases 
  • Compared to the state of Texas Michigan has 700% more new cases 

Remember that both the state of Florida and Texas are wide open and are not being told by Biden that they should shut down to “flatten the curve”.

Also note, as Brett Giror pointed out in his interview, it is not variants of Covid-19 that are driving this spike because variants are all over the country.

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