I am envisioning Steve Harvey with an envelope. “And the Democratic nominee for President is Hillary Clinton.” The we go to commercial break and Stevie is standing there looking pretty embarrassed and stares at the camera. “Ummm, wow, I am so sorry but it seems Hillary didn’t win afterall but Joe Biden did.”

Joe Biden is on tour now, saying he really regrets not running for President. He really, really regrets it. It begs the question, why is he doing that?

I think it’s possible the play has already been called inside the White House. The White House that truly dislikes Hillary Clinton and the whole damned Clinton machine is privy to what the FBI is finding and it knows it will damage Barack Obama’s legacy if he gives her a pass. However, he may be seen in a much more positive light even by Republicans if he allows the Justice Department to pursue a prosecution of the former Secretary of State.

Long ago I predicted Joe Biden was going to run for President. For awhile now I’ve been thinking I was wrong on that one. Now I’m thinking my timing was off but my prediction may still prove right on the money.

Other names are also in the mix to jump in the race should the party dump Hillary. One of those is California Governor Jerry Brown. Brown is nuttier than a holiday fruit cake but he is committed to the theology of climate change and therefore would get the full support of the Barack Obama.

Right now Hillary is about as inevitable as the Kentucky basketball team was about this time a year ago.

Hey Joe, Hey Jerry- play ball!

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