Whatever happened to Free Speech and the ability for people to support who they want to without fearing retaliation from someone who disagrees with them.  When someone destroys President Trump yard signs they are telling everyone they believe that what he has done for this country is so great they believe their choice could not beat them in a fair election.  A second option could be that they have so much hate in their hearts, souls and minds that they cannot act like decent human beings in a civilized society.

I have received quite a few emails from listeners who have told me that their Trump 2020 yard signs have been vandalized.  The following is one of those emails which I received yesterday after my show:

“Dear Renk,

My parents and I live next door to each other, and we have a big Trump sign out front. Yesterday we woke up to our Trump sign vandalized with BLM spray painted on it. 

What happened to freedom of speech?

Those of us who support Trump are not going around spray painting Biden signs.  A passerby stopped today to congratulate us on having the sign out front.. and suggested we send you a photo of it.

Both my father and I are veterans, we served our country to keep the freedoms that we have today. It’s frustrating and childish. 

Everyone has a right to their opinion. 

When did it become the norm to force ones beliefs on others?”

You have to ask yourself why someone would carry so much hatred for a person they never met and for Black Lives Matter member/supporter to further damaging the reputation of that group by tagging the sign with BLM.

Do you really want to associate yourself with this ideology and hate by enabling this type of behavior by voting for Biden and any other Democrats?

The people who sent me this email and photo also stated in a follow-up email:

”We are going to fix it and put it back up in the morning”

Good for you, they are true Americans.

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