FINALLY. It feels like the world is slowly moving back towards a sense of normal. Sure, it may feel like a snail's pace but's progress.

With that progress comes the reopening of local favorites like the Black Owl Café.

Since I decided to move to Michigan in the middle of a pandemic I, personally, cannot attest to my favorite spot. I've barely had the chance to try new places! However, judging by Facebook comments alone, people are READY for this reopening.

Just yesterday, Black Owl Café made a post on their Facebook page declaring their return with promises of great music, great coffee and shaded outdoor seating. For now, their hours are limited to weekdays. That's Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm.

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For those, like me, who have never visited Black Owl Café, they describe themselves as a rustic and chill café right in Downtown Kalamazoo. They offer gorgeous espresso drinks, at least judging by their Instagram, and serve Kalamazoo Coffee Co. brand coffee.

Now, I am a person that heavily relies on reviews or experiences from fellow customers when deciding what establishment I want to visit. Like I said earlier, judging by these Facebook comments on their latest post, this is definitely a popular place:

Sarah B. wrote: FINE-UH-LYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Seriously - the only place I have missed since March of last year. Finally.

Carol Y. chimed in with: Hurrah! I have missed you!!

And Jaimie S. tagged a friend and said: LETS GO ASAP!

High five to Sean C. for asking the question that's near and dear to my heart...What about food?

It seems for now, food will be limited to doughnuts. But, what a perfect pairing, am I right?

Much like a toddler, I feel like the majority of us are still finding our footing in this, as I'm calling it, 'so close to being almost done with the pandemic' time in our lives. With that being said, changes may occur. If you want to stay up to date with the Black Owl Café make sure to follow them on their Facebook or Instagram.

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