In a hurry for the one day of Michigan Summer, eager boaters forgot something important in Battle Creek as the boat fell off the trailer into traffic.

Alicia Goins snapped this photo on East Emmett Street near Raymond Road in Battle Creek on May 2nd. Less than 24 hours later, it had been shared 625 times on Facebook.

Apparently, anxious boaters were in a rush to hit the lake and forgot to anchor the boat to the trailer. It slid right off the trailer and into traffic right in front of McGonigle's Pub. Surprisingly, the driver fled the scene and the boat sat blocking the road for a time before a flatbed wrecker came and towed it away.

[WARNING: Explicit content]

Chic had the littlest trailer ever. And I swear it was like she didn't know she just took off and it was atleast 15 minutes before she came back

-Alicia Goins via Facebook

Eyewitnesses report the boat got pretty torn up while putting it on the flatbed. All it might be good for now is trailer races at Kalamazoo Speedway.

Photo: Alicia Goins via Facebook
Photo: Alicia Goins via Facebook

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