A Southwest Michigan distillery has just what you need to keep the peace and make sure everyone gets along at Thanksgiving: bourbon pumpkin cheesecake.

This is going to take the pain out of watching the Detroit Lions, and may even ensure that the entire family actually gets along this holiday season. Three Oaks' Journeyman Distillery has a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake that is about to become your new favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

Handcrafted and painstakingly distilled in a historic building that was a corset factory in the 1800s using a recipe that has been perfected over a lifetime, this delectable holiday cheesecake is highlighted by the not-so-secret ingredient of Journeyman Distillery's artisan whiskey.

Sure, a flaky, homemade crust is great, but Bobby Flay can't beat the addition of expertly distilled bourbon. Martha Stewart would trade the best stock tips for this recipe that would mellow out even Gordon Ramsey. Alton Brown would be green with envy and Rachel Ray wouldn't be the only one saying "yum-o," if they could taste this alcoholic cheesecake. Whiskey is distilled all year, at Journeyman, but you can only get this incredible dessert for a limited time.

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