It's not even fall yet, but we got a memo here that WMU hockey season is starting next Saturday (October 1st). I'm also the proud father of one of the Lawson Lunatics, the fanatical cheering section at Bronco hockey games.

(David DiFalco via YouTube)

The WMU Bronco hockey program dates back over forty years to the early 70's. For most of that time, WMU was in the CCHA, one of the leading collegiate hockey conferences. Several years ago, much like in college football and basketball, money began to rule, and a number of events led to a re-alignment of teams and conferences. At that time, the Big Ten schools in the CCHA pulled out to form a Big Ten hockey conference, and WMU (and Miami of Ohio) signed on with a new league, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference (NCHC).

Maybe, the one constant is the incredible energy of WMU's cheering section, known far and wide as the "Lawson Lunatics". They are loud and they are for the Broncos. And in the compact building that is Lawson, they can't be missed.

The Lunatics have been voted among the best student cheering section in college hockey numerous times, compared to Duke basketball's Cameron Crazies.

Of course, not everyone likes this. The Lunatics are not politically correct, and they're not shy about anything. Attempts have been made to temper their enthusiasm and voice. One particular action has brought much attention and disdain to the group.

It's funny to look at the school's position. While I'm sure they are uncomfortable with some of the extremes coming from the student section, still they market this for fun and for profit.

Observers say the Lunatics aren't what they used to be, despite attempts by some to revive the craziness to past days. My guess is, if the Broncos are successful, then the Lunatics will return to the former glory. Nothing beats winning.

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