Bronner's in Frankenmuth is the worlds largest Christmas store and creates world famous Nativity scenes. Take a look at this privately owned Nativity that is an exact replica of the one once displayed at Bronson Park.

This nativity is owned by Joe Tyria and is dedicated to the memory of his grandmother and has its own Facebook page, Beverly A. Tyria Memorial Nativity Scene.

These figures are rare as they have not been produced since the molds were destroyed in a fire in the 1960s.

This season, I offered to help set up the display. Here is a video of that adventure.

The only thing left for Joe to do is hang the lights and spread out the straw. It was cold but we had a good time setting the display up. You can see this Nativity set up on the corner of Olmstead and Market streets near Sprinkle road. The public is invited to the annual blessing on December 9th at 6 pm.

BONUS VIDEO: Christmas Card Lane without and with the displays

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