Yesterday, Build-A-Bear's "Pay Your Age" promotion was a total disaster across the state. In Troy, thousands of people lined up outside the store in Somerset Mall until the company realized they couldn't accommodate everyone, so they started handing out vouchers for $15 off a bear. What kind of deal is that?

I get it. Realistically, there was no way they were gonna be able to build THAT many bears in one day. But for those people who took time off work, wasting a day standing around in a mall, they deserve to get the deal that was advertised. Especially after two days ago in London, where they ran the same promotion, and it was absolute chaos.

Here in Portage, The Crossroads Mall did the same thing and had to shut the store down:

The responsible thing to do would have been to only do a certain amount of bears, and hand the rest of the people in line vouchers which would still be good for the promotion. 7/11 didn't have that problem this week when they gave away free Slurpees. I just think it's a little unfortunate a company that pulled in $358 Million in 2017 alone, can't follow through with what they advertised. To me, that's not good business.

Don't get me wrong, I think Build-A-Bear is a great company, but they should do the right thing. Respect and loyalty is worth more than a dollar amount in my opinion.



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