On Wednesday, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies participated in a school bus safety operation with the Marshall Public School District.  Deputies rode on a Marshall Public School District bus to monitor bus stop violations and aggressive/risky driving behaviors while a marked patrol car was in the area to contact violators.

Deputies are increasing patrols this year in school zones and will be monitoring bus routes.  Deputies will be looking for bus stop violations, but will also be monitoring risky behavior such as passing a school bus on a double-yellow line, near a hill or with oncoming traffic, and speeding.

During interviews with bus drivers, many expressed concern with drivers’ risky driving behavior after the lights were turned off school bus stops.  The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office will have a zero-tolerance enforcement for any school bus violations or unsafe risky driving behavior involving school operations.

According to information provided by Marshall Public Schools, they transport approximately 1,300 children per day over 740 miles. The buses conduct 545 red light stops every morning and afternoon. The average red light stop is about 30 seconds.

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