If you are a business that takes state tax dollars are you able to lock people out of your building?  Apparently, the University of Michigan (U of M) believes you can.

A Detroit news station WDIV-TV is reporting that U of M has deactivated the Mcard’s of  718 undergraduate, graduate and professional students who they have no record of them reporting for testing in at least four weeks.

According to the University of Michigan website a Mcard, with a photo of the person the card was issued to, is:

“your official University of Michigan identification card. You'll use it all over campus to identify yourself as a member of the university community. The UMID number is the cardholder's eight digit student number or employee number. The Mcard has many uses from building access to use as an ATM/debit card!”

University of Michigan
University of Michigan

Hold the presses!

Did I just read and see with my own eyes that the University of Michigan demands that everyone who attends or works at the University of Michigan must have an identification card with a photo on it?  That my friends is racism and bigotry in their purest form.

How can U of M, a publicly funded business, require people to prove who they are and demand that they have an official U of M photo identification card?  Where is the NAACP, ACLU, Governor Whitmer, Senator Stabenow, Senator Peters, the entire Democrat Party and almost most of the members of the media?

Why are they not screaming racism and bigotry about this requirement of photo identification?

Now back to U of M locking students out of the buildings that the students pay for.

Robert Ernst, associate vice president of student life for health and wellness, and executive director of University Health Service said in a news release:

“Despite our excitement and optimism around expanded eligibility and opportunities for COVID-19 vaccines, at this point of the pandemic, when around others we must continue the practices of social distancing, wearing a mask, routine testing and other proven mitigation strategies to slow the spread of the coronavirus,”

Will U of M be issuing a refund to these students equal to the amount of time they have been locked out of the buildings they paid an extreme amount of money to have access to?

Don’t hold your breath, U of M only has an endowment fund of $12.5 billion dollars as of June 30, 2020

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