If we want to live in a free and open society, then no security infrastructure could ever remove all the risks. So what do we do?

The latest terrorist attack came yesterday in lower Manhattan when a 29-year-old legal immigrant from Uzbekistan, who allegedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, rented a truck from Home Depot and ran over people in a bike path.

He killed 8 innocent people and injured another 11 and when he was stopped screamed Allahu Akbar, God is great in Arabic.

Can we now say there may be a legitimate debate about whether President Trump is unfairly singling out Muslims in his efforts to make us safe in America?  He may not be but the question still is; how do we stop these animals from killing innocent people in the manner in which they are doing so.

One thing we can do is stop using the term “lone wolf”.  Why, because in reality these animals only have one thing in common with wolves and that is that they are animals.  Lone wolf suggests independent thinking, they are not independent thinkers. These beast are simply angry human beings, if you can call them human beings, that are in the mindset and ideology of a death cult, they equate their god’s greatness with acts of bloodshed.

More important by calling them “lone wolves” it unshackles their cowardice acts from the murderous ideology behind them.  This makes it increasingly difficult to identify their brand of evil as it metastasis.  If we all deny their link to the murderous ideology they follow we are less likely to catch them early on and cage these animals.

Some say we must deny Islamophobia in all instances because we alienate the Muslim and Islamic communities.  When we do that we do it at our own risk because these communities withdraw into themselves and become less trustful of law enforcement. When they become less trustful they in turn provide fewer tips and otherwise are reluctant to point out the animals among them.  The say, if a community has good relations with the police and society in general, it has fewer grievances for terrorists to exploit and they are more likely to point out the animals and insane people in their communities.

The question really is; when will these communities start working with law enforcement in greater numbers to prove to us that they will inform the authorities of these animals in their presence.  We have attempted to improve relations to what end?  Are they working with authorities enough to attempt to stop as many as these animals as they can, where is the proof of that?

Other say that the extreme Islamic terrorist rely heavily on social media to publicize its evil message and share their information with potential recruits.  Should the U.S. intelligence agencies continue to exploit social media to identify potential group members and to disrupt their activities?  Should the United States plant their own disinformation into the extreme Islamic terrorist groups?  We are told these extreme Islamic terrorist groups are already highly suspicious of perceived infiltrators, we have be told that some potential terrorist have been rejected or even executed as potential spies and we should play on their paranoia. This disinformation tactic might play up the presence of moles, discuss the likelihood of defections, and otherwise sow distrust within the extremist Islamic terrorist groups.

So what do we do?

How about we re-brand there evil. Stop calling them lone wolves and call them something else such as cowards, extreme Islamic radicals and or animals of the pork variety.  They are certainly not criminals because criminals do not want to die, these animals want to inflict pain, suffering and death as their only achievement.

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