Animal Control thought it was a prank call, but when they responded to the siting of kangaroos in a Michigan home's back yard, they found it was absolutely not a joke. 

Brookfield Zoo Animals
Credit: Raymond Boyd / Getty Images

According to an article from Mlive, The St Joseph County Sheriff responded to a call on Friday afternoon, January 29 after a concerned neighbor said he saw multiple kangaroos in a nearby home's back yard. Upon arrival at the house in Mottville, about 40 miles south of Kalamazoo, no one was home. One look in the windows showed around four wallabies roaming in the home. The wallabies would be easy to mistake as small kangaroos, as they are a similar animal. However, these were only some of the exotic animals discovered at the home.

When authorities returned with a warrant on January 29 it was discovered that apparently the couple who lives at this home formerly ran a pet store in Indiana called the "Down Under Pet Store." Not only are there restrictions about containing these sort of animals at a residence, but they were reported to have been in "squalid conditions" according to the County Sheriff.



Binder Park Zoo specialists were called in to the site to assist with the transport of the animals to their veterinary clinic  services where they could be inspected for health concerns. "A man and woman have been arrested, but the county prosecutor declined comment on the nature of the charges until after their arraignment," sates the article.


Have you ever heard of something like this before? What do you think should be done?

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