We have just been shown another example of bias in the “news”.  The Daily Beast, a far left new site, published an article with the following headline “Texas Republican Wants to Out LGBT Kids in School”.  If you were to actually read the article you find out that the “outing” they claim is when a K-12 child informs the state they no longer want to be considered their biological sex but now want to be considered the opposite sex, and the state them informs their parents of their wish.

Is it truly outing a child when you inform the parents of a child that their child has informed the state that they now want to be considered the opposite sex and want to utilize the opposite sexes bathrooms and locker rooms?

This is exactly what the far left did here in Michigan.  I am talking about Michigan’s State Board of Education and the Department of Education.  They passed a rule that a school does not have to inform Michigan parents if their K-12 child has requested that the state now consider them the opposite sex and they want to start utilizing the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.  Here in Michigan if a child request the state not inform their parents then the state is not obligated to do so.  This request would be judged on a case by case situation and that “case” is decided by the child.

Now I can understand if the state was not required to inform the parents if their child informed the state that they are gay but when it comes to transgender and their child’s request to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex that is a different matter.

The bill that the state republican lawmaker has written wants to take out the case-by-case foundation and make disclosure mandatory.

This seems like a dangerous road we are traveling down, what else can the state determine that the parents do not need to be made aware of?

Do you want to give this amount of power to the state?

We as parents are held responsible for our children’s actions by the state yet the state wants to withhold information from a parent but still hold us responsible for our children.  Does that sound fair to you?

I understand that there could be a concern by a child if their parents were made aware of their request and actions but do we throw the baby out with the bath water.  If there is only 1 in 10 that would actually have a problem at home does that mean the other 9 set of parents do not have the right to know?

This request of the child to the state could bring up other issues that the parents will find out about and have to deal with and not know the true reasons behind those issues.  How is a parent supposed to deal with those other issues correctly without knowing all of the details?

A child could inform the state that they have concerns about their parents knowing and the state could then be extra vigilant on what may happen to that child.

I believe it is very wrong for the state to keep such important matters from the parents, again where would this end if it would end at all.  Secrecy never helps anyone.

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