Yes, the "Candy Cane Park" Narada Michael Walden sings about is Bronson Park; the native Kalamazooian wrote this Christmas song about his hometown.

Lines like "There’s no place that I’d rather be than bein’ here with you- It’s Christmas time in Candy Cane Park" could be written about almost anyplace. Listen as Michael declares in the spoken-word dedication at the beginning of the song: “Merry Christmas to all my brothers and sisters and family in Kalamazooooo….” He goes on to sing about the joy of

"being with you in Candy Cane Park, in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, being with you in Candy Cane Park."

Specifically, that's Bronson Park. "Strolling in red & white swirls down Lover’s Lane with you," is about those candy canes we see every year at the beginning of the Christmas season.

Narada Michael Walden was born in the Mall City in 1958 and first played in the marching band at Plainwell High School. After attending Western Michigan University, he went on to a stellar career in music: first, as a performer and then a Grammy-winning producer.

Watch as Narada Michael Walden captures the spirit of the season and his hometown in the video for "Candy Cane Park." Don't miss the end where he affirms “I’m happy at Christmastime in Kalamazoo, in Candy Cane Park being with you," and offers a benediction of "Peace."

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