Cass County wheat farmer Dave Milligan has been chosen to lead the National Association of Wheat Growers. This is the first time a Michigander will lead the organization, significant, given that Michigan produces 11% of the country's wheat supply.

As Milligan takes over the helm of the organization, there are a lot of issues important to wheat growers in which his leadership will be tapped. Milligan is no stranger to leadership positions. He has also served as the first and only chair of the Michigan Wheat Program since its inception in 2011, and was Michigan’s first representative on the NAWG board.  Milligan has previously served as chairman of the Michigan Dry Bean Commission and American Dry Bean Board and has been involved in Farm Bureau’s commodity committees both on the state and national levels. - release

Milligan says, “over the last nine years I’ve learned about NAWG from the ground up,” he said.  “I’ve served on virtually all the NAWG Committees and have worked my way up through the officer chain, which has broadened the horizons for me personally, and also benefits the Michigan Wheat Program and growers in our state.”

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