There has been one after another Michigan public school announcing that they are canceling in classroom instruction this fall.  Most medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrist and educational professionals are in favor of in-classroom instruction with some safety procedures put in place.  A recent poll stated that 68% of parents want in-classroom instruction with some safety procedures put in place.

Grand Rapids and Battle Creek public schools were the most recent to announce they will be closed for at least the first 9 weeks of the school year to in-class instruction and instead attempt to educate the children that go to those schools with 100% on-line education.  As the Washington Post stated:

“Millions of public school students will suffer from school closures, education leaders have concluded”

“The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work”

The Catholic Schools in Kalamazoo are coming to the rescue of their students and will provide what our children need and that is in-classroom instruction.   In a press release the Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo said:

CSGK went through an extensive planning process, starting in early May, to arrive at this decision, beginning with parent input and advice from state and national school organizations”

St. Augustine Cathedral School, St. Monica Catholic School and Hackett Catholic Prep students and teachers will return to the classroom on Aug. 25.

If needed students will also have access to their classes virtually for:

comfort, illness, quarantine or the closing of school buildings”

If any child or teacher has an underlying health issue that could be dangerous if they were to contract the virus they should be able to continue their education online at home or teach online from home.  You could have a TV set up in the classroom for the students to be taught by their teachers from the safety of their home or vice versa.

The release went on to state:

Having learned a great deal from last springs experience, CSGK faculty and staff feel confident moving forward with a primarily in-person school year…A team of staff and experts have walked through every school and determined changes in terms of desk placement, student flow, procedures, mask requirements, etc.”

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield stated:

“Threat Of Suicide, Drugs, Flu To Youth ‘Far Greater’ Than Covid”

For the schools that are remaining closed will their online/virtual teaching be in person via laptops or will the teacher only be available for in-person instruction only a few hours a week thus a few minutes for each child?

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