Ever since word got out that two cats in New York were testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, pet owners nationwide have been wondering about the health implications for their pets. The Centers for Disease Control is saying, in short, don’t fret. Sort of. The health agency reports there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus. But that’s not to say animals are unable to contract the virus. Clearly, they can. And it’s possible for both dogs and cats. The CDC is now advising pet owners to treat pets just like people. They should not be allowed unrestricted interaction with other animals or people outside your household.

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If you have pets and someone in your home becomes sick, you're advised to isolate them from not just other people living there, but the pets as well. A tough one for a lot of dog owners is the recommendation to stay away from dog parks. It’s the combination of people and dogs interacting that present the problem. Help may be on the way, however. A veterinary lab sciences company reports it has developed a test kit specifically for animals that veterinarians are able to use. The company has tested more than 5 thousand animals and not one returned a positive result.

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