Cedar Point has made some major announcements regarding their 150th year of rides and entertainment. Today marks 150 days until opening day so they've announced the following additions to the park:

  • 15 Unique food spots (visit all and get a free shirt).
  • New French Quarter Confections (Giant & Mini Funnel Cakes, Waffle On-A-Stick).
  • The Coral Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders.
  • The Mac Shack fresh made macaroni & cheese.
  • The Roost Chicken dining.
  • Bringing back the vintage style fruit-shaped fresh juice bottles, smoothies, and slushies.
  • Limited Edition Merchandise celebrating 150 years (clothing, 500 150th coins, water globe, Christmas ornament & pins.
  • 100's of different Cedar Point pins for trading, plus limited pins on Tuesdays worn by staff for you to trade for.
  • Celebration Central (The Pagoda) offering free postacards.
  • Town Hall Redesigning
  • Courtesy Corps (Guest Services) returning throughout the park.
  • Legacy Walk: A personalized brick which will have a permanent place on the main midway.
  • Celebrate 150th Spectacular:Interactive Mega Parade working its way through the park leading into an interactive night show.
  • Bands In Residence: Looking for local bands to play shows throughout the year in different venues and keeping regular entertainment.
  • NEW RIDE: Snake River Expedition. New boats will travel along the Snake River as a nod to the old Western Cruise with live actor talent interacting with the rides.
  • TICKET FOR A LIFETIME: 150 Lifetime tickets will be given out, one a day, which will include a winner who will receive not just one lifetime free entry, but 3 friends will also get free entry for life. Starting February, guests can enter online, outside, and inside the park to win one of these. The passes include free parking for life as well.  Cedar Point Guest Accommodations Christine Gerald received the first one today.

Watch the full announcement below

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