I was amazed at how many odd festivals we have in Michigan, or as some would call them, unique and funky. I think I like that better.

The Bologna Festival is one I was excited to go to. Located in Yale, the city has a population of 2 thousand, but when the Bologna Festival is going on that number goes up to 20 thousand. Unfortunately, this 3-day event has been canceled for this year. No big Bologna parade, and no Bologna king and queen. The lunch-meat-themed celebration will be back next year.

There is a Wizzard of Oz Festival, it takes place in June, in the city of Ionia.  How have I never heard of this? A Wizzard of Oz Festival sounds like fun. Definitely will have to check this out next year.

Hour Detroit Magazine has a good list of even more unique festivals in Michigan.

Most of us have heard of the Howell Melon Festival, but I didn't know that it celebrates the Howell Melon, which apparently, is like a cantaloupe. Not a fan of the melon, but the festival sounds like a fun time.

Cheeseburger in Caseville is a tropical-themed event, which takes place in August, for ten days. Non-stop events and all the cheeseburgers you can handle. (You had me at cheeseburger).

The National Baby Food Festival takes place in Fremont, which is considered to be the baby food capital, (Fremont is home to Gerber baby products) The festival has some fun events like a baby food eating competition and a baby crawling contest. This festival runs from Wednesday, July 21 st through Sunday, July 24th.

The Michigan Pirate Festival takes place on August 13th and 14th, in Grand Haven. This is not the only Pirate Festival, Boyne City has one in September, Saugatuck's Pirate Festival is this weekend, and there is the Pirate Invasion at the South Haven Pub, also this weekend.

You can check out a festival close to home, the Lavender Event is this weekend in Mason. Locally sourced lavender products and even bakery items with lavender. This event is 2 - 9 tomorrow in Mason.

A LumberJack Festival in Northern Michigan or an Elvis Festival in Ypsilanti. Embrace the uniqueness at just some of the fun festivals and events in Michigan.

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