It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a UFO! Michigan has had more then 100 reported UFO sightings in 2016. What do you see when you look to the sky? 

There are some pretty crazy things out there, some can be explained, others cannot. From the National UFO Reporting Center, here are the 5 wildest.

Large, Silent V shaped craft. Dark grey with very dim lights on leading edge.
Large wing craft, V shaped with the point as the front of the craft.
Very dim lights on the leading edge of the wing. The body was dark grey to black in color. The craft was around 2 to 3 wing spans of a 747. Made no sound as it flew from north to south over Warren headed to Detroit. No visible engine exhaust as it flew by.
Did not turn or slow down was traveling at approximately 200 to 300 mph.
Was not a jet aircraft, had no beacons or landing lights.


My family and I were coming from Hillsdale, Michigan, heading to Toledo, Ohio. We were somewhere before Assumption. At first we thought these two objects were stars.These object stayed in the same position in the sky much of the time untill we saw one of them dissappear. We thought maybe they were far away helicopters. The second one came back into view. They traded places by moving in a counter clockwise circle. They got brighter and dimmer. When they were bright they looked almost like a lantern or a flare. They had no blinking lights. After the second one disappeared the other one became very bright like it caught on fire and stayed in the same position. We were driving 65 mph approximately, but we never seemed to be driving away from them, that was why at first we thought they were stars. The one that disappeared from view the first time became visible again.


2 flashing bright white lights. 1 not moving still for over an hour, the other circling the same track for about 25 minutes.
Looks to be about 2-5 miles away from visual.


Multicolor lights on one craft coming from the west - mostly white with red, blue, and green hugh glowing big and bright from at least 10 miles away with some lights flashing. As it got closer approximately 3 miles away over Fenton Michigan it turn 90 degrees to the north and headed towards the Flint Area. At one point the main lights went dim and through the binoculars the craft was dimly outlined in hundreds of very small white lights, (a few flashing white from right to left - but no red or green - just white). The craft was rectangular shaped - long and skinny - about the length of a maybe two large passenger jets. The whole affair lasted till 12:05 am - 10 minutes.


At approx 6:09pm eastern time January 23rd, 2016, my wife and i were driving home from Niles, Michigan to Dowagiac, Michigan. I noticed that as the full moon inched above the treeline, the moon appeared very large. I made comment about wanting a telescope to view it. Minutes later I saw a black line crossing the face of the moon. The line covered approx 5% of the viable moon, referencing the moon to a clock, the line began at 10 o'clock and move toward the 4 o'clock position. The "front" of the line was rounded. i pointed it to my wife. She stated that from the angle and its position it was not a power line. We watched as we drove, the line completely crossed the moon's face and seconds afterward the "tail" appeared moving from 10 o'clock to the 4 o'clock position. The line remained straight the entire time and moved in uniform speed.

Have you seen any strange or bizarre lights? tell us in the comments.

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