You may want to check your freezer, just in case. The USDA says a major Colorado meat processor has recalled for over 132,000 pounds of ground beef from the beginning of summer. But if you bought ground beef and froze it, it might be worth taking a look.
The meat may be contaminated with e.coli. The packaging would have a USDA inspection mark that says “EST. 86R”. The story from CNN via Fox 17, says the meat is ground chuck, and people began getting sick in late July. The USDA posted a list of some of the ground beef products.

Even though the meat was sold three months ago, the USDA is worried about meat that was frozen. They say the product can be disposed or taken back for a refund. The USDA  also reminded users to cook the meat to 160 degrees which should effectively kill e.coli and other bacteria.

One death has been associated with this latest incident; most people experience vomiting, diarrhea and fever and it runs about a week or less.




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