First of all, a confession. Yes, when it comes to sports clothing, I'm a geek. I have probably a dozen sports jerseys, jackets, etc. The one in the picture is the most topical, but it's not the ugliest. The Fresno Grizzlies' are.

Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission.

First things first. Yes, that is the home version of the throwback uniform that Christopher "Sizzorhands" Sale chose to cut up during his tantrum last Saturday night. I don't know how much of a throwback mine is. I probably bought it a few years after it was the current one.

Remember, you can't unsee these.

Just down I-69 in Ft. Wayne, they'll be wearing these.

Almost makes you want to put on a Coldplay song.

If you're a Tiger fan, or a Cubs fan, appreciate the "Olde English D" or the pinstripes. It's saving your eyesight.