Rejoice, parents of special needs children, Chuck E. Cheese has heard you and has special hours for your sensory-sensitive kids.
Walk into nearly any Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and it is instant sensory overload: the raucous rodent band rocking the corner stage, the blinking lights and winning sounds of the games spooling out tickets and the screams of delight and jubilation of the kids packed into the place celebrating Aiden's and Emma's birthdays.

This is a nightmare not only for some parents but for children with autism and other special needs. Finally there is a solution: Kalamazoo Chuck E. Cheese will open early on the first Sunday of every month and tone it down.

KZoo Kids shares the details of Sensory Sensitive Sundays.

  • Less crowding and noise.
  • Dimmed lighting.
  • Show and music turned off or down
  • Limited appearances by Chuck E.
  • Food and games are offered, however parents are permitted to bring snacks for their children if needed due to dietary restrictions during Sensory Sensitive Sundays.

Mark your calendar for the first Sunday of each month from 8-10AM for these special events for very special kids.

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