The City of Kalamazoo is taking further extraordinary measures to isolate its citizens, by closing all city parks, beginning on Tuesday, April 7th. According to the city, this action was prompted after large groups of people were seen at city parks over the weekend.

City of Kalamazoo parks will be closed starting Tuesday, April 7 to protect public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Signs will be installed at City parks to notify community members. Anyone one that continues to use parks in violation of this closure may be subject to removal by Public Safety or other law enforcement action. This step is being taken after large gatherings were observed in City parks over the weekend. Residents are reminded that it is critically important to follow all guidelines provided by health officials, which include avoiding large gatherings. - City of Kalamazoo release

This decision is that latest in response to the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic. City offices have been closed since late March.


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