If you are driving a car that is covered in snow, you could get a ticket. You have been warned!

According to a local law firm, Michigan's automobile laws require that drivers remove snow from their windshield, windows, taillights, rear lamps and don't forget to clear your license plate.

What this means is that you have to remove the snow and ice from your vehicle. There should be nothing on your vehicle that might reduce your visibility. Authorities also say to make sure there are no chunks of snow or ice on your car which could very easily become a hazard if they fly off your vehicle, causing an auto accident and injury to you or someone else.

As our weather gets more winter like with extreme cold, here are some tips on keeping your vehicle and yourself safe:

Replace your wiper blades that can't effectively clean the glass.

Keep an eye out for windshield cracks or chips.

Keep coolant at equal parts antifreeze and water ratio

Check your tire pressure.

Make sure your car's battery is fully-charged and working.

Remember to get regular oil checks.

Finally, always keep an emergency kit in your car , especially if there is any chance that you could end up on a deserted road with heavy snow falling.

This way you will be prepared for the Polar Vortex 2019.

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