The awesome and frightening power of a tornado was on full display Saturday when a twister torched its way through Wray, Colo.

Five people were injured when the tornado touched down in the small town of Wray, in the eastern part of the state, not too far from the Nebraska border. Several buildings and trailers also suffered damage.

ABC News reports that there were at least seven twisters in Yuma County and hail also came down.

One woman who was at a reservoir in the town of Wiggins said the tornado came so fast. "The sun was out, everything was beautiful," said Jeanne Welham. "Within a split second, we were in a fifth wheel, huddled together, and I mean, there was nothing you could do....We had no idea it was a tornado."

Footage of the twisters emerged on social media, giving people a frightening and altogether up-close look at how these weather systems wreaked havoc.

And while the tornado clearly caused havoc, it didn't ruin everyone's day. Check out this photo of one couple taking a photo before their prom while the twister touched down in the background.

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