Coca Cola announced earlier this year that they would be closing their Kalamazoo facility and consolidating operations in Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Today (Friday Oct 26) is said to be the final day at the facility on Peekstock Drive.

Plant closes tomorrow, Everything and everyone moves to Grand Rapids or Lansing starting Monday. Almost 37 years of my life was there. Sad to see it go.

Plenty of memories of the plant were featured on Vanished Kalamazoo:

Was there when Diet Coke and New Coke were introduced...sad

Had cousins that lived straight across Burdick from the plant, would walk over and get a Coke for a nickle.

Memories, remembering when the Coca Cola distributor was down the alley beside Robinson's Five and Dime in Washington Square.

I remember going through the coke factory's grand opening, seeing the large bottle washer.. then later years riding bikes there to buy 5¢ coke in the lobby, it was Soo cold and good.

A Battle Creek Coca Cola facility closed in 1980.

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