Residents in Coldwater, MI are confused as brown, discolored water has started flowing from their taps. Naturally, those that live in the area have turned to social media for answers but Coldwater water superintendent Brian Musselman has asked residents to stop. In fact, he's saying all the complaints on social media frustrate him.

The Daily Reporter quotes Musselman in a recent city council meeting as saying the department keeps track of all complaints and, "I only have three (complaints) on my list. One was today...unless I know where it's at, I can't go research and find out what's going on."

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Coldwater residents have experienced brown water running from their taps as early as January 23, but claim this is a frequent occurrence. In a Facebook post concerning the discolored water, here's what some locals said:

Kristina Kelly,

"Everyday I have to let it run for a minute then it clears up."

Amanda Owens,

"We have the same problem...We even have a double filtered water softener."

Benjamin Gresley,

"...someone told me the water table is tainted by industrial waste and Coldwater is really small so a little contamination can go fair don't drink it?"

So what's to blame for the discolored water? Musselman claims the water comes to the plant clear, but suggested there could be a leak or sediment somewhere along the pipes. He also added that although the fire hydrants are opened and they flush the pipes twice a year, it's natural to experience some hiccups. Rather than complaining on social media, Musselman asked residents to call the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities at (517) 279-9531 or his office at (517) 279-4803.

Given Michigan's history of contaminated water in cities like Flint and Benton Harbor, it's only natural for residents to be concerned! Have you experienced any water issues lately?

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