I have been providing example after example after example of the outright evil and violence that is prevalent in today’s Democratic Party.  I am not saying every Democrat has this evil in there heart, soul and mind but more and more of them seem to be proving me wrong.

I wish I did not have any examples of this pure hatred and evilness to bring to your attention but unfortunately, those in the Democratic Party are providing them to me almost daily.  I hope that one day we can get back to disagreeing and debating the issues, how to address the issues and rid our country of all of this evil.  One way to start down this path starts with the good people in the Democratic Party standing up and reject these people in their ranks and refuse to vote for any Democrat until they purge this evil amongst them. You must ask yourself why the party leaders haven’t condemned all of these people and their actions. Staying silent in the face of evil is either cowardice or silently agreeing with what they are saying or doing.

The newest example is provided by a Democratic Denver City Councilwoman by the name of Candi CdeBaca.  This wonderful and loving human being retweeted a meme that said:

“For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can.”

Do I need to say anymore?

As you may have seen in the Tweet above President Trump was informed or saw this tweet and tweeted himself and said:

"These people are sick”

Yes, President Trump, these people are sick and seem to be getting sicker.  Let us hope that people with more level heads who are actually kind and sympathetic to other human beings will eventually take back the Democratic Party.

Let us hope that these people in the Democratic Party will one day actually believe and feel that "Love Does Trump Hate".

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