There's been some confusion about Abigail Kopf's condition, so Bronson Hospital sent out this release:

"Patient Abigail Kopf, the 14-year-old victim of the February 21 shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan, remains in critical condition at Bronson Children’s Hospital.  Additionally, we have noticed some media outlets are still wrongfully reporting that the patient was declared brain dead early on in her treatment. Here is the statement released February 22, 2016, by Bronson Children’s Hospital Medical Director Aaron Lane-Davies clarifying that, contrary to early media reports and verbal updates from law enforcement, Abigail Kopf had not been declared brain dead."

Statement from Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies, medical director, Bronson Children’s Hospital 

We are grateful for the efforts of the first responders and law enforcement this past Saturday. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the victims and everyone impacted by these senseless shootings. Saturday night Abigail was critically injured.  Her heart stopped during the on-going attempts to sustain her life.  Following restoration of her heart beat, our team shared with her parents the grave nature of her life- threatening injuries. Due to both the nature of her injuries and efforts required to sustain her life, our team discussed the possibility that she could become brain dead.  At the request and with permission of Abigail’s parents our team contacted Gift of Life. The act of organ donation, after a tragedy like this one, can only occur after a person has died.  Determining brain death requires a series of physical exams, sometimes in conjunction with other testing over the course of multiple hours. This series of exams was not begun due to Abigail’s clinical condition.  Abigail was not declared medically brain dead.  She has undergone a surgical procedure to address her injuries, remains on the ventilator and critically ill. Abigail, her parents and our team continue to fight hard for her life. In spite of the seriousness of her injuries, we are encouraged by the relative stability over the last few days and her responsiveness to her parents and our team.