With many businesses in dire straights because of the pandemic, it seems that more and more continue to pile onto the list right here in Kalamazoo. Recently someone made a post on the Kalamazoo sub Reddit warning that the Cork Street Laundromat may be in fear of closing down, saying:

Not sure where you wash your clothes but my landlord doesn’t supply any of his buildings with machines. Over the years I have discovered the hidden gem known as cork street wash but the lady that owns it needs our help. Since covid [sic] hit she has lost foot traffic and it’s getting close to ending her. I have no personal stake in this race other than she keeps clean machines and it’s centrally located for me. If y’all need to wash your winter clothes I highly recommend you give this nice lady your business. If we don’t support locally owned businesses at some point all that will be left is Walmart or Amazon laundry at a monthly charge.

Laundromats are crucial in our area, as there are nearly two dozen of them in between Kalamazoo and Portage. This place has nice reviews from one of it's customers on the thread:

That was always my go-to. Nice folks there. I have a few big blankets to wash that won’t fit in my machine, so maybe I’ll take them there instead of the one closer to my new place.

Another is angry our government has still yet to bail us and our businesses out:

I'm so tired of this. So many small businesses are suffering with no government assistance, or barely any, while big businesses don't even have to worry. This is f***** up.

Hopefully they can keep their head above water and outlast the pandemic.

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