If you went to yesterday’s Super Bowl hopefully you brought quite a bit of money.  We all know the cost of a ticket to attend the Super Bowl was astronomical, the average ticket price was $4744, but did you know how much it would cost you for a soda and a hot dog?

The USA Today is reporting that the concession stand prices at yesterday’s Super Bowl were extremely high.  For example the cost of a:

  • Soda and pretzel combo costs was $17
  • Hot dog is was $8
  • 16-ounce Bud Light is was $12


  • If you only want a soda, it’s $11 for 32 ounces, but it includes the plastic souvenir cup

Well at least you received the souvenir cup for the $11 dollars.

All I can think is how hard was it to sneak in food to the game.

What does it cost for those concession stand items during the regular season?

Well according to Team Marketing Report the average price for a hot dog around the league was $5.19 and average cost of a 16 ounce beer was $7.38.

What about the cost of a hot dog during the regular season games at the same stadium the Super Bowl was played in, that being Houston’s.

According to Team Marketing Report the cost of a hot dog at Houston’s NRG stadium was $5.75, during the regular season.

By the way the concession stand cost were about the same prices as previous Super Bowl games.

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