Last Sunday the Atlantic League baseball team in North Carolina needed someone to sing the National Anthem as a “last minute fill in”.  The game was between the High Point Rockers and Sugar Land Skeeters.

Well that last minute fill in was a High Point Rockers employee.  Did he ask to do it or did then convince him we may never know.

Many are calling his rendition the worst ever.  I do not know if we can actually call it the worst ever, do you remember Roseanne Barr rendition?  At least this guy seemed like he really cared.

You can check out his rendition by clicking on the following Detroit News hotlink.

The employee Chuck Hayworth has since apologized on social media saying that he developed cramps from getting overheated just before starting “and you saw what happened”

He went on to say:

By no means was this any disrespect to our country or our organization, nor all those who serve it

According to Greesnboro Sports team officials stated that:

numerous voice coaches have reached out to the performer and the organization offering their services to help redeem the last-minute performer

Spectrum News quoted the team saying they:

will strongly consider having the performer back in the 2019 season – after he has had singing lessons

Give the guy a break, he was a last minute fill in and he put a smile on many of our faces.

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