I read an interesting article in US News and World Report that reported a new survey/online questionnaire of likely voters by a Washington company named Mercury Analytics found that 20% of likely Democrat voters say they could vote for Trump.

Do you believe this?

Not only did that surprise me but what surprised me more was that in the same questionnaire 14% of likely Republican voters say they might vote for Hillary Clinton.

It is hard for me to fathom that any Republican would vote for Hillary Clinton, can you?

The left’s ideology as shown via their policy’s and what they are saying on the campaign trail is so far from what the Republican party is suppose to stand for, how could they switch sides.  Maybe that is why our country is going so much in the opposite direction of the constitution, even some Republicans no longer believe in what made our country great.

The fact that this questionnaire found that 14% of Republicans could vote for Hillary puts in question the 20% of Democrats that say they could vote for Trump.

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