While I don't think this unique Illinois home technically qualifies as a bunker, it still seems like a decent hiding place should the apocalypse ever occur. Could you live in a home that was entirely underground?

This one-of-a-kind property just hit the market in Deer Creek, IL and is being sold as-is for $35,000. In today's market that's considered a steal! Of course the catch is you have to live below ground.

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Although this property listing sparks many of (unanswered) questions including: Who built the house underground? Why did they build it this way? And who is living there now? According to the home's Zillow listing,

This property offers lots of possibilities...with the spacious lot there are plenty of possibilities.

I mean... just think of the "possibilities"!

All things considered the interior of the home, although a bit rough around the edges, is still in livable condition. There is a small kitchen with full-sized oven and refrigerator, double sink, and eat-in bar area.

The main living area is adjacent to the kitchen so if you're a fan of an open-concept floor plan, this may be the home for you! There are two functional-sized bedrooms in the home with the main bedroom located off the only full bathroom inside the home. The bathroom includes an enclosed, standalone shower and also functions as the home's living room.

The home's heating unit and a window air conditioner are located in the main living area which makes me curious as to what it's like heating and cooling this space. Does being underground make it easier to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

I'm also curious to know how the underground home holds up in a torrential downpour, as it appears water can pool on the rooftop. Do you think you have to shovel off your roof in the winter?

I'm not sure how practical it is to live underground, but for a cool $35,000 I can sure try! Do you think you could live in an underground home?

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